Are Interpreting or Captioning Services Expensive?   

Interpreting and captioning fees are not as high as they could be considering the level of expertise it requires to be highly qualified. Like so many other professional services, it takes years of training, practice, and just plain hard work to be considered one of the best in your field. Yet, interpreters and captionists have not been able to obtain the high salaries other specialists may command. You can obtain a quote on this web page on the “Contact” page or simply call us at (513) 608-1695.

Interpreting, captioning, and other vehicles of access should be treated as a cost of doing business, such as hiring an attorney for legal services, paying an accountant to help with financial services, or even, providing a wheelchair ramp. How do you pay for your attorney, your accountant, the plumber who came to the office to fix that clogged toilet, or the copy machine repair person? Do you charge a ramp fee every time a person who uses a wheelchair uses the ramp? Of course not. These are all costs of doing business which you build into the fee you charge your customers. Access costs should be treated the same way. At least with access costs, you get a tax credit or business deduction.