How Much Advance Notice Is Needed To Get an Interpreter?Captionist?   

Call as soon as you find out you need an interpreter/captionist. If you know about a particular assignment 6 months in advance, call at that time. That way, you have your best chance of obtaining services as interpreters/captionists are a scarce resource. Interpreters/captionists come when you need them, so we may have to perform some magic by adjusting the schedules of others to make it work for you. If you have flexibility with your schedule, that makes things easier as an interpreter/captionist may be available a couple of hours before or after the time you originally requested.

Some consumers have been known to call us for interpreter/captionist availability before they set the day or time of their meeting, appointments, or training.

Deaf Choice Inc. strongly believes in Deaf consumer choice. If a Deaf person requests a particular interpreter/captionist, we will do our best to meet that request. If you are requesting a particular interpreter/captionist, it depends entirely on their schedule. Calling in advance usually increases the odds you can obtain the services of the interpreter/captionist that is preferred.

We may be able to provide services when you call us last minute, if another assignment cancelled or it is that infrequent day when the schedule is lighter and interpreters/captionists happen to be available.