Hey! Look Ohio! Sorenson VRS Names Teachers of the Year   

Sorenson VRS recently named their Teachers of the Year. One of the recipients is from Ohio. Brooke Holbaugh is a sixth through eighth grade teacher at OSD. Denyse Woods, OSD pre-K through eighth grade principal, says Holbaugh has gone above and beyond during her first year of teaching. Holbaugh lines her classroom walls with current events and encourages students to advocate for the topic they would like to study. By keeping students aware of world events, they are more prepared to enter the working world after graduation. Holbaugh invites to her classroom speakers who have traveled in the countries the students are studying and plans fieldtrips to local activities that relate to instruction. She stepped into the role of cheerleading coach at the beginning of the year, and one of her cheerleading students was recognized for her abilities at the Central States School for the Deaf Tournament. Holbaugh independently conducted a text book review and discovered a new curriculum to enhance curriculum mapping for the year. Wood says, “Holbaugh is an outstanding teacher all around, however, as a first-year teacher, she is beyond compare.”
Deaf Choice congratulates Brooke Holbaugh.