Ohio – Read My Lips   

Sue Thomas was born in Ohio on 24th May 1950. She became profoundly deaf when she was about one and a half years old. Later, kids teased her at school for her disability, yet, she later persevered and went on to graduate from Springfield College in Massachusetts with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs. In 1990, she wrote her autobiography titled, “Silent World”.
Her claim to fame is she was the first deaf lip reader to work undercover for the FBI (from 1979 to 1983). Sue Thomas initially examined fingerprints, but an opportunity arose to carry out undercover work when an FBI colleague became aware she could lip read. In 2002, a 56 episode television series called “Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye” starring deaf actress, Deanne Bray, portrayed Sue Thomas’ experience in the FBI. After her short-lived FBI career, Sue Thomas continued to advocate for Deaf people in the public. IN 2001, Sue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Sue currently lives in Vermont where she is currently working to complete the establishment of the Levi Center, a hearing dog training center.