We thank you for your interest in Deaf Choice’s Interpreting Services.
Deaf Choice has been providing interpreting, captioning, and advocacy services since 2009. Interpreting services are offered in both community and educational settings. Some of the community settings include venues such as:

  • Medical locations such as physician’s offices, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Business and job training or readiness sites
  • Mental health settings, counseling and crisis settings
  • Government settings such as: court, police, substance abuse, incarceration, social service programs, and libraries
  • Workshops and public seminars, presentations, and conferences
  • Many other settings where people who sign and those who do not sign need to communicate with each other

Deaf Choice is a Choice

We realize you have a choice when you call for services, so we will always try our best to ensure that every communication interaction we provide is a success.

Actually, we believe in choice. It is the cornerstone of our belief system pertaining to the services the Deaf and hard of hearing communities receive. We strongly believe in consumer choice for each individual so they feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with the interpreter they receive.

We all have choices we enjoy every day in which particular attorney, physician, insurance company, plumber, or auto mechanic, etc we prefer. We “just click” with these providers. Something about the interaction related to their professional skill, demeanor, our personal experience, or other reasons puts us at ease. We are comfortable with this person and prefer, as well as trust, this person. This comfort can affect our results and allows us to focus on the other challenges we face in the situation without worrying about the person providing the service.

The same holds true for interpreters for the Deaf. People who are Deaf have their preferences. They know who understands them and who they understand. There is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to Deaf people and their interpreters. One interpreter may be used for a legal setting and another at the doctor’s office. Or a Deaf person may have a trust factor with one agency over the others. The bottom line is we believe in the Deaf person’s right, as a consumer, to have a choice because the situation, appointment, or meeting affects their lives, not necessarily ours.

Deaf Choice will make every effort to provide ONLY the most seasoned, highly skilled, sign language interpreters who will meet your needs and exceed your expectations while honoring consumer choice

When a specific “mode of communication” such as ASL (American Sign Language), Deaf/Blind, transliterating or signed English is requested, we will provide a highly qualified interpreter to meet that need. When a specific interpreter or captionist is requested, we will do our best to provide that person.


We do Deaf!”

We specialize in Deaf services – not Spanish, Russian, or other languages, cultures, or services. The two owners of Deaf Choice. have over 50 years of experience delivering quality services to the Deaf or hard of hearing communities and have earned the respect of many members of the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. We know Deaf culture, all of the signing systems and the language of the Deaf community, American Sign Language (ASL). We know how to screen the highly qualified interpreters from those who need more experience. This is what we do every day. We trust our doctors, attorneys, and other professionals for their expertise. We ask that you to trust us for our professional experience, knowledge, and skills. We hope once you try us, you will remain a satisfied customer for many years.


Our Interpreters

We have many of the best interpreters living and working in southwest Ohio working for Deaf Choice.  Our staff and contract providers are certified/qualified and adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct (Code of Ethics) of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Our interpreters are all required to continually keep abreast of changes and updates in our field by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). In addition, Deaf Choice provides in-house mentoring and training for staff and contract providers. We have helped train many of the interpreters in the Greater Cincinnati area working in schools, colleges, and in the community.

One of the owners, Bob Coltrane, specializes in legal interpreting. He recently completed his second term of appointment by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court to serve on the committee responsible for establishing benchmark certification and qualification guidelines in all court systems throughout Ohio for all foreign language and sign language interpreters. Bob has provided legal training to several interpreters in this area as well as general instruction as a former adjunct faculty member in a local interpreter training program.

The other owner of Deaf Choice is Maria Miller who received national, interpreter certification in 2003. Maria has extensive experience interpreting in the community and has served as a mentor to many upcoming and current interpreters. Maria, also, introduced the captioning service, CPrint, to the Cincinnati area in 2002.


What sets Deaf Choice apart from other agencies?

We are Deaf friendly. We only provide Deaf services and hard-of-hearing captioning because that’s where our training and experience lies. We know how to screen and qualify sign language interpreters and captionists. We do not provide foreign language interpreters. Deaf Choice is owned and operated by nationally certified interpreters/captionist.

We care about quality. We will not send an inexperienced, inappropriate person to do the job just so we can make money. We will ONLY use certified and/or qualified, highly experienced interpreters and captionists.This ensures that both the hearing client who requests our services and the Deaf or hard-of-hearing consumer can feel confident that when our interpreter or captionist walks in the door, successful communication will take place.

Deaf Choice believes in consumer choice and respects the rights of the Deaf consumer. We respect their right to select the agency or individual they prefer as they should not be limited by a contract which only benefits the interpreting agency.We pledge to respect the Deaf consumer by never asking you to sign an exclusive, binding contract with us because we know that limits your right to obtain the interpreter the Deaf person prefers. These exclusive contracts only benefit the interpreting agency.

The two founding partners combined have over 50 years experience in interpreting, Deaf culture and advocacy. They are respected by members of the Deaf community, businesses, interpreters, captionists, and other professionals.

Deaf Choice is helping to stimulate the economy because as a for-profit business we pay taxes. We also are providing jobs for professional interpreters and captionists.



Our rates our highly competitive because we want you to try us then continue using Deaf Choice. To our knowledge, we have some of the best rates around and we pride ourselves on paying the interpreters/captionists the highest amount we can. There is a lot of competition for the best interpreters so we want to be the best to continue working for us. There is a quote page built into this web site. The next time you have a need for a professional sign language interpreter, check us out!


The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Not only is it the right thing to do, but federal law mandates through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that a Deaf person may request and receive a qualified interpreter when they are accessing services from a business, organization, or agency. It doesn’t matter if the service being accessed is provided for a charge or for free. It also, doesn’t matter if the agency or organization providing the service is established as a for-profit or non-profit.

We are experts in the ADA related to Deaf and hard of hearing people. Let us know if you have a question.

Also, make sure you communicate with your accountant about possible tax credits or deductions.

We thank you for your interest in Deaf Choice’s Interpreting Services.