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Response to COVID-19

Deaf Choice understands the importance of professional and reliable communication access, especially during a public health crisis. We are committed to continue to provide American Sign Language and C-Print captioning services with video remote and on site options. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our interpreters, clients and consumers while on assignments, face masks have been provided for their use while keeping a safe distance. Working safely is a priority as we navigate these uncertain times.

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Locally owned and operated, we know our community. Whether someone is d/Deaf, Deaf/Blind, or hard of hearing, we can “speak” your language! Known for quality and reliability, we’re experienced in a wide variety of settings and can match the right interpreter either in-person or remote (VRI).


C-Print is a speech-to-text program used to provide realtime captioning in a wide variety of settings, with a specialty in collegiate classes. Considered meaning-for-meaning rather than verbatim, this captures the content of the message in a slightly condensed format, all in realtime, producing a more concentrated transcript. Primarily delivered remotely, services can be provided through a variety of platforms.



Often, people face communication barriers. When it comes to advocating for individuals to have access to clear communication, Deaf Choice focuses on areas such as legal, mental health, education, and other public and private businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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What is Deaf Choice? In 2009 our agency was established with a mission to provide top-notch sign language interpreting, C-Print captioning, and advocacy services while honoring the consumer’s preference of service contractors (interpreters, captionists, and advocates). We work hard to find the best fit to ensure that everyone’s communication experience is as effortless as possible.

Check out this incredible spotlight interview about one of our Deaf Interpreters, Jay Gates and his story. This is a great example of the impact of using the highest quality interpreters to provide the best accessibility for the Deaf Community. Huge thank you to the RESLV Team for creating this special piece highlighting our team and allowing us to share.

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ASL Art Tours

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